My fascination with filmmaking and storytelling started on a trip to Disneyland when I was 13 years old, in an exhibit that allowed me to draw my own animation. I got hooked when I saw my own drawing of a bird unfold into a moving story, and I followed this path of storytelling throughout my childhood, eventually enrolling in SAIT’s New Media Production and Design Program. 

While at SAIT, I expanded my passion for design and visual storytelling techniques into video, remembering my dad’s old Sony camcorder that I messed around with as a kid, filming my friends on our many outdoor adventures snowboarding, biking and surfing. Flash forward several years, and I’m still passionate about telling stories that create connections and empower people. 

Nowadays, this passion has taken me from filming in the rugged northern Alberta wilderness for Amazon Prime to capturing ibex and argali sheep spotting in the mountains of Mongolia for the American Sportsman Channel. Today, I’m inspired to grow and push myself as a storyteller, building on the foundation I built as a teenager messing around outside on the camcorder and as a kid drawing bird animations: connecting the wilderness I love with the people who love it back.

Erik Johnson Film

Projects from the heights of the Rocky Mountains of Western Canada to the rugged deserts of Mongolia; I can help you wherever your project leads.